I survived!

I survived!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Teacher's Day

The sun was a discoloured canvas ball, fraying around its edges, washed and hung out to dry in the western sky as he trudged homewards. The wind lashed at him, pushing his head lower and he walked, one foot carefully ahead of the other, the headmaster’s voice echoing in his ears in a litany of shame.

“Kal ki baat aur thi. You were good…new technology…you should have upgraded…it’s a new world now…computers, LCD, PowerPoint presentations, multimedia learning…value for money…smart, young breed…professionals” Every step became harder to take but he doggedly went on, step after step, until he reached the gate that had long ago stopped pretending to be a security device.

He pushed and the gate gave way listlessly, as if to say “what’s to protect anyway?”

Once inside his compound, he stood still for a moment, preparing for the dozen clawing demands that were waiting for him on the 3rd floor of the ramshackle house in front. That’s when he saw the shiny black BMW hogging the tiny space in front of the house. Curiosity picked up his pace.

His wife opened the door almost before he had rung the bell and he heard the high, false brightness of her voice as she let him in. “Look who’s here!” He craned his neck apprehensively. A mid-thirties, fair, well-dressed, portly man with receding hair stood behind her.

“Aditya Sehgal, year 1993. Spoilt, trouble-maker, but very bright boy,” his mind immediately recited as the man bent down to touch his feet.

“Bless you, Aditya,” he said and the man straightened, his face glowing with happiness.
“Sir, you remember me!”
“Of course,” he said. “You waxed the black board. You broke the beehive. You threw water-bottle missiles at pedestrians from your classroom window—“
“Yet you never stopped believing in me, Sir. You made me who I am. I have a son now, Sir. I wanted him to meet you. I brought my family to take your blessings.”

He looked down in awe at the little bundle kicking and wriggling in a pram beside the window. Tiny hands stretched outwards, trying tirelessly to grasp the bands of sunlight that streamed in from the grill.

“When did I stop believing that I could catch the sun?” he asked himself.

He felt himself unfurl. His shoulders went back into position and his head came up. Tomorrow, he would enroll in a computer class. He was a teacher, after all. It was his job to learn.


Vipul Grover said...

Raneeji.. I hav no wrds 4 this. Posts like this make me feel my Blog-a-Ton initiative is worthwhile. Thanx a lot 4 adding sch a gr8 dimension 2 this event:)

Mr. Pramathesh Borkotoky said...

Too Good.
We were still confused and you came with this brilliant thing You are the true blog-a-tonic.

Dhiman said...

simply awesome ... speechless ... liked this 2nd dimension ...

Bharathi said...

very creative and very touching. All the best.

Sid 'Ravan' Kabe said...


Shruti said...

hey it was really touching!!
I liked it!

Shilpa Garg said...

A story post.....which covers almost everything!! WOW!!
You are truly creative! :)

Guria said...

A W E S O M E !!!
Lost for words!

Madhu said...

Meandered in from indiblogger and am I glad I did.

A few days ago after reading the short stories at the top in IB's august's short story contest I had lamented as to whether these were the best we could conjure ? I'm glad it isn't the case..

A very touching, inspiring post. Thoroughly loved it.

I just loved how you started out. I re-read your first para 4-5 times. It is captivating..

I moonlight in short stories too. A few that are close to my heart :



I would love to add your feed to INDIMAG-FRIENDS section. Let me know if it interests you..


pra said...

That is a really good story! Very innovative thing for the 'Teacher-Aaj, kal " Blog-a-ton! The last sentences.. “When did I stop believing that I could catch the sun?”and "He is a teacher after all!"are very touching!

aativas said...

touching story.. the positive end is inspiring.. life has to go on irrespective of all new challenges .. that is very important message

Guria said...

I am completely new here but I've already read so many of your posts. And I do not know the proper decorum but I left something for you at my blog. Just a token of my appreciation. :)
The reason is simply because your blog(s) is something I felt like coming back to again and again. Please accept. :)

Azad said...

Awesome Piece...!!
No offence, but its Far better than the first version..!!

Best regards,

Shankar said...

Wow... A very nice post in a very different way.... This post stands apart from every other post I have read so far...

Very nice post.... If all the three post are equally good..I think no one except you can get votes..And I think you will be one of the great competitors for blog-a-ton 2...

thanks a lot for commenting on my blog too...

Richa Singh said...

what can i say man its like fresh air man cool quite nice

Saimanohar said...

Very well written short story.. Emotional satisfaction is what the teacher wants..

evanescentthoughts said...

Hey this was a very nicely written story.. just enjoyed reading it.. all three posts of yours are too good.. :)

avdi said...

God, I had tears in my eyes. The value ppl have for you is more important than any worldly possessions.

Nasrajan said...

You don't know how much glad I am, for visiting this place!!

Thanks a lot. It is an awesome post, great story and a worthy contribution to the blog-a-ton indeed..

You know the magic with words, Ranee.. :-)

Saurabh Panshikar said...

This was very very good.

Not the usual stuff we need!

You have to stay ahead of the times.... Maybe the professor is into blogging now!


Ah, Saurabh, I really hope he is!

Anonymous said...

Awww. Sweet!

Anjel said...

Thank you teacher, for all that you have done for us,
Your love and care has brought us this far;
You are the light, that guides us,
Through the dark and gloomy path of life;
You are the strength without which,
We couldn’t have lasted this long;
We apologies for all the times we have been naughty,
And hope you forgive us, for we are not as wise;

We don’t say it that often:
But today is the day,
We choose to say,
That we all love you dear teacher,
And a Happy Teachers’ Day!